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Smart Turn Off features

Working with the same data on different computers

An example How to work with the same data on two computers for example at home and at office?

- you should have removable drive (Flash-drive or USB-drive)

(at home)
- plug a removable drive into computer and run Smart Turn Off (you can do it vice versa)

- open Common Settings (F5) and assign folder for storing backups located on this removable drive. If a removable drive doesn't have a volume label, the program will ask to enter it. Use your imagination and try make up this name a unique one

- if the folders for backup are not assigned, do it. This must be such folders with your data that you are afraid to get lost and/or you will be working with on different computers. For example you assign two folders for backup - Photo folder and Work folder. Photo is precious to you as a memory and Work is that folder with your documents the last versions of which you need at home and at office

- press BackUp button on the main program window: The first what the program will do is a backup of the data you've chosen to the removable drive and then close itself. A full copy of your favorite data now is stored on the removable drive.

(at office)
- run Smart Turn Off and connect the removable drive to a computer

- open Common Settings (F5) and assign Backup to folder the same as was assigned on the removable drive on your home PC

- open Backup Settings (F6) and press button Copies/All copies. You should see All copies:

Choose a folder you need, for example "Work" and use menu "Restore... Open". The program will restore the folder you've chosen. If your PC has several hard disk drives and the original location of files (backups of which you've made) is not a special folder like "My documents" the program will offer you to select drive where you want to restore your data. That means that such folders like "My documents", "My music", "My videos" and alike will be automatically restored on the other PC on their usual places without offering to select a drive. After the data is restored the program will open the local copy of restored data and you can start working with it.

So, what had happened: the folder(file) you need was copied on HDD and the folder assigned for backup on your work PC, the local copy of the folder(file) opened for work, the link to this folder(file) is in the first line in "History (Copies)".
Then it is really simple... You had worked with the project (file). Saved it. Turn off your PC with the help of "Smart Turn Off". All changes in your project are saved to the removable drive. After you arrive home you open the program (better to do it in "Explore" mode), double click on the top link in the "History (Copies)" ─ all your data is restored and you can work with you project on another PC. You can do this process all way around. What is important is to use "Smart Turn Off" for data restoration and for turning of both PCs off.