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Smart Turn Off features


Smart Turn Off Timer (SM Timer)

Smart Turn Off COMputer and Smart Turn Off L have their own timer. The timer is designed as independent software (SM Timer) and can operate on it own (as Freeware) as well as in co-operation with Smart Turn Off.

The timer starts Smart Turn Off if any installed version could be found, otherwise it works on it own, so SM Timer either shuts down a PC or logs off current user. See the difference on screenshots below:

PC shutdown timer (Smart Turn Off installed)

Free PC shutdown timer (Smart Turn Off not installed)

Smart Turn Off installed

Smart Turn Off not installed

timer in tray icon (PC to be shutdown at 18:50)

Set a time by sliders and arrows. After pressing OK button the timer minimizes to tray icon SM Timer icon and waits for an assigned time to do an assigned action.

PC shutdown timer control menu

You can control SM Timer using the same icon timer icon either by double-click or right mouse button menu.

Close button and menu shut down a timer. Cancel (Esc) halts a timer and returns a previous saved settings.

StartUp option starts SM Timer with once used parameters automatically with Windows log on.

PC shutdown warning with countdown

SM Timer will show a warning with countdown at assigned time. Pressing Cancel (Esc) button stops SM Timer so a user can either close the timer or set a new time and new action.

If no user action, SM Timer does an assigned action in 30* seconds.

* - might be changed in Smart Turn Off settings.

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Download latest version of SM Timer from DOWNLOAD page.

Note: If you use Smart Turn Off COMputer or Smart Turn Off L you do not need to install SM Timer because it's included in installation packages.