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Smart Turn Off features


SM LookA Agent (SMLookA.exe) - FREEWARE

Smart Turn Off can co-operate with SM LookA agent. The agent might be used for multiple computers shutdown, PC and network devices control as well as for the Smart Turn Off possibilities enhancement.

SM LookA is designed as independent software (FreeWare) and may work on it own. Find installation file on DOWNLOAD page. An icon will be created in Start Up folder after the installation.

There is no need to install the agent if Smart Turn Off COMputer 3.6.8 and higher is installed, because it's is installed already and SM LookA uses skin and countdown settings of Smart Turn Off.

SM LookA, Hot Keys

Control SM LookA via tray icon SM LookA icon

SM LookA allows to assign Hot Keys (combination keystroke).

Shutdown, Log Off and SM Timer* options are available, if Smart Turn Off not installed on computer.
* - if SM Timer installed.

Note: SM Timer included in installation package of the Smart Turn Off.

Example: if Smart Turn Off found, Hot Key Ctrl+Alt+S will produce data backup, pc cleanup, privacy protection and PC turn off, if not - common PC turn off (shutdown).


multiple computers shutdown by Ping

SM LookA can PING another PC and devices.

The option might be used for multiple PC shutdown, for turning PC off one by one, etc.

Ping option works simple, just set action, ping interval, action delay, IP-addresses and press OK.
The option might be activated/deactivated for current Windows© session via menu.

- each workstation in the office pings server (waits for DOWN status) along with UP status of router for additional network operability test, all workstations shut down after server shutdown

- ping router, all workstations shut down after router power off

- server in security area pings workstation, the server goes down after workstation shutdown with nobody access to the security area

- ping secretary's PC, all workstations make backup to a server and go down in 10 seconds, the server goes down in 10 minutes after a slowest PC shutdown.


SM LookA can delay Windows© shutdown and start the Smart Turn Off for assigned tasks execution before shutdown.
Also the agent can launch Smart Turn Off if POWER button or SLEEP button is pressed. Another words, a push of a button produces cleanup, privacy protection, backup and shutdown.

Attention! Smart tab does not work on Windows Vista© due to new Vista© shutdown algorithm as well as if Smart Turn Off not found on the computer.

Note: Welcome Screen on Windows XP© should be disabled for correct work of the option Start Smart Turn Off before. In the Control Panel click on User Accounts, click on Change the Way Users Log On or Off. Click Use Welcome Screen to disable if checked.

Note: to launch Smart Turn Off by Sleep button change Power Options in the Control Panel. Click on Advanced tab in the Power Options. Set Shut Down for the option When I press the sleep (power) button on my computer. Press Apply and OK.

Attention! Restart the computer via Start-Restart menu of the SM LookA icon SM LookA icon before using any option of Smart tab. This menu should be used for any computer restart, if the option If POWER Button, start is checked (including any possibly needed restarts during the installations of new software on the computer in the future).

Note: do not use options of Smart tab in case of any error messages after pressing POWER and SLEEP buttons! This means your PC hardware is incompatible with SM LookA! Uncheck all options in Smart tab, press OK and restart the computer!