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Smart Turn Off features

Smart Turn Off HELP - print version (help.chm)

Settings Wizard
Common Settings
Additional programs launch with their finish waiting
Backup Settings
Clean-Up Settings
Work modes, starting with parameters
Timer function
SM LookA Agent
7 ways to turn PC off
Data recovery from BackUp
Program registration


Installation of the program

Download SmartTurnOff_install.exe to HDD and run this file to install the program on PC.
Installation and deinstallation of the program runs in a standard way.

Smart Turn Off icon Start the program by icon on desktop, quick launch icon or automatically after installation.

Settings Wizard

If the program starts for the first time it will be offered to set it up with a Settings Wizard (recommended). You can abandon using Settings Wizard by choosing appropriate option.
Note: Run Settings Wizard at any time by clicking appropriate button on the Help tab (F1).

Settings Wizard

Common Settings

Call Common Settings by clicking narrow button with arrows on the left of the main window (F5).

Common Settings

Setup in the Common Settings the following (in the due order from top to bottom):

- BackUp to Folder (folder for storing backups)
Note: Create the folder on additional hard disk drive (HDD), removable drive or network drive (highly recommended!)

- if Ignore Saving option is off (recommended), the program will be checking all active/opened applications whether they have not saved changes in active/opened files before turn off and log off. If such changes found the program will offer to save them in a more pleasant way than Windows does. If option is on, the program will close all active applications automatically without saving changes in files and documents

- if Ignore BackUp option is off (recommended) and a drive for storing backup is not ready the program will prompt to connect the drive. If the option is on, backup process will be ignored if the drive is not ready. Drive is not ready may mean either it is out of order or not connected to PC (for example, removable drive)

- Clean up BackUp option is needed for getting rid of trash-files that will be inevitably accumulating in Backup folder. After next Backup the option will be automatically switched off, and the user can be sure that all data on PC and data in a folder for storing Backup are synchronized i.e. content of Backup folder are absolutely similar to original folders

- set Eject CD-discs option for checking presence of CD in CD-ROM drive and ejecting them if any found

- Destroy Viruses option kills viruses in PC memory and reduces chance PC to be infected with new unknown viruses. It works simple, virus looses a possibility to check the conditions for its next successful startup, and executable file of the virus most likely will be deleted (if the options Internet Cache, Recycle Bin and Temporary Files are on in CleanUp Settings). The option has 3 work modes: do not destroy, destroy with user rights (default), destroy with system rights.
Attention! Use 3-d mode carefully during Log Off  in spite of its best effectiveness because of potential possibility of some system processes and drivers to be destroyed along with viruses

- for launching Smart Turn Off by icon on desktop set Desktop option to on and choose the action program will execute after launching by this icon

- for launching Smart Turn Off by Quick Launch icon set the option Quick Launch on and choose the action program will execute after launching by this icon.
Note: personal icon corresponds to each work mode. (more about work modes, starting with parameters)

- SM LookA Agent might be used for multiple computer shutdown, Smart Turn Off enhancement and for better user's convenience (more about SM LookA Agent).
Attention! Sm LookA is an additional FreeWare that should be set up separately. Please read help carefully before using SM LookA

- change skin of the program by clicking button with color rectangles

- animation speed may be changed by slider on the right of Skin button

- button below resets Don't show again options in dialogs.
Note: most dialogs have Don't show again option for user convenience

- on the right of the button - Countdown value in seconds for dialogs and timer.
Note: most dialogs have Countdown possibility for guarantee PC shutdown without user interference. Countdown might be stopped by space button on keyboard if additional time is needed to came in to a decision.

- the slogan below will be appearing on PC screen during turn of  and log off

- button with a batch-file icon calls window for setting up additional programs launch with their finish waiting.

To save changes press OK, to cancel changes press Cancel.

additional programs launch with their finish waiting

Smart Turn Off COMputer can run 3 additional programs:
1 - before data backup
2 - after data backup and before cleanup
3 - after cleanup

additional programs launch with their finish waiting

Note: additional programs ─ executable files (*.BAT, *.EXE, *.COM). The main rule for this kind of files they must shut itself down after executing. Otherwise Smart Turn Off wouldn't be able to continue its own execution.
It is recommended to check operability of the program before saving changes in settings. Trial run of the program could be done by pressing Test button.


- additional data copying
create batch-file test.bat and assign to launch by Smart Turn Off COMputer:

folder coping file coping with rotation of copies
if exist C:\FOLDER xcopy "C:\FOLDER" /Y "D:\BACKUP" if exist D:\COPY2 DEL D:\COPY2
if exist D:\COPY1 REN D:\COPY1 COPY2
if exist C:\FILE copy "C:\FILE" /Y "D:\COPY1"

Note: to get more information on this subject type help, copy /? or xcopy /? in Windows command prompt.

- System Administrators know how difficult to make copy of a file locked by some process... stop the process and there won't be any problems!
File for stopping of MSSQL server shows it quite clearly:

stop MSSQLSERVER service start MSSQLSERVER service

then use copy, xcopy and backup possibilities of Smart Turn Off.

Backup Settings

Smart Turn Off executes differential backup that means a file would be copied if:
- an archive attribute of the original file is on
- the original file has no copy in backup
- the size of the original file don't match the size of its copy

Such approach guarantees high speed and high coping reliability as well.

To execute backup the program should know:
- where copy to (a folder for backup storing already assigned in Common Settings)
- what to copy

The program makes backups of user folders (directories).

assigning folder for backup

 To assign a folder for backup:
- drag & drop folder on program icon
- copy folder in Windows Explorer and paste it over the program icon
- drag & drop folder on program window
- click Assign button in BackUp Settings (F6), choose folder and click + button.

Original folders and folders in backup are easily available for browsing, opening and restoring in Backup Settings.

Note: as the program executes differential backup the first coping process may take some time. All subsequent backups will be executed in a much shorter time than the first one.
For example, the backup process for data array of 2GB, 2000 folders, 20000 files will take up to 3-10 minutes for the first time and only 5-20 seconds for further backups!

Clean-Up Settings

The program can clear up potentially dangerous information and temporary files marked in CleanUp Settings (slim button with arrows on the right-hand side or F7).

Most of the options are quite simple, just some comments:

Clean-Up Settings

- Internet Cache - Temporary Internet files created during Internet sessions by Internet browsers

- URL - Universal Resource Locator, e.g. www.SmartTurnOff.com

- a button next to option means more option settings, e.g. 7 top buttons should be used to apply option for different popular browsers (Chrome, Flock, Internet Explorer, Maxthon (former MyIE), Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Opera, Safari) separately

- Heuristic Analyzer - algorithm for cleaning up dangerous info created by applications unknown for Smart Turn Off

- Use Shredder means irrevocable data deletion, the data will be rewritten according to shredder settings before deletion

Additional shredder options allow to choose between confidentiality level and clean-up speed:

- DoD 5220-22M - internal shredder conforms to US Department of Defense "Clearing and sanitizing standard DoD 5220-22M"
- Internet Cache - to be shredded
- Recycle Bin - to be shredded
- Temporary files - to be shredded

- Windows History - clears the user's work history which anyone can browse in Explorer, Internet Explorer, etc. The history stores in protected system files INDEX.DAT. In contrast to Windows© and other software Smart Turn Off cleans the files up as it really should be. The size of Index.dat files after shredding becomes the same as of the non used file (not more than 32kB)

- First PC clean-up may take some time, please be patient. After the set task execution Smart Turn Off will show an Activity Report. The report has Countdown, Don't show again and Save to file options.

Work modes, starting with parameters

Work mode depends on a key program started with. Special icon corresponds to each work mode:

icon launch with key mode description
general mode  ...\SmartTurnOff.exe
or ...\SmartTurnOff.exe /None
launching in general mode
Turn Off Turn Off ...\SmartTurnOff.exe /TurnOff set tasks execution and PC turn off (shutdown)
Log Off Log Off ...\SmartTurnOff.exe /LogOff set tasks execution and user Log Off
Explore Explore ...\SmartTurnOff.exe /Explore explore mode
Back-Up BackUp ...\SmartTurnOff.exe /BackUp data backup and program exit

What really differs Turn Off and Log Off mode from standard Windows Shutdown / Log Off is so called Forced shutdown. That means that the turn off/log off process can be done quicker due to forced shutdown of numerous processes and services including potential viruses.

Some words about Explore mode:

Explore mode

The launch of the program in this mode has the same sequence of operations:
- the launch in general mode
- BackUp Settings opening (F6)
- switching to Copies listing if Originals listed (pressing Originals button).

Explore mode is very convenient because it helps to find | open | restore | restore and open | needed file or folder.

For copies program creates history in accordance with the principle: restored file or folder occupies the top line in the history. This history is stored in SmartTurnOff.ini file which is located in the folder for storing backups (SmBackUp by default) and so the history easily accessible on all user's PCs in case user uses USB flash-drive.


switching to Originals

Use Copies button for quick switching to Originals.

Program creates own history for the originals in accordance with the principle: opened file or folder occupies the top line in the history. This history is stored on the computer where the program installed.

The availability of such histories (mentioned above) and Explore mode makes Smart Turn Off really handy for user working with the same data on different computers (read more).


Timer usingSmart Turn Off has a timer function. Check Timer option and press a button on the main window Tasks execution and PC turn off, for example.

Set a time by sliders and arrows and press OK. The Smart Turn Off will be launched at assigned time automatically with PC shutdown final action.

OK button hides timer to a tray icon SM Timer icon. Use icon menu or double click the icon to change timer settings.

You can start timer directly using menu
Start - Programs - Smart Turn Off - SM Timer as well.

Timer has StartUp option, which starts it after Windows© log on automatically. Read more about SM Timer (free PC shutdown timer) in manual.

SM LookA Agent

SM LookA, Hot KeysSmart Turn Off can co-operate with SM LookA agent. Use icon SM LookA icon menu to control the agent.

SM LookA allows to assign Hot Keys.

SM LookA can ping another PC and devices.

SM LookA can delay Windows© shutdown and start the Smart Turn Off for assigned tasks execution before shutdown and Log Off.

Attention! Smart tab doesn't work on Windows Vista© due to new Vista© shutdown algorithm.
No problems! There is a number of ways to launch Smart Turn Off !

SM LookA, Ping IP SM LookA, Smart tab

Note: to launch Smart Turn Off by Sleep button change Power Options in the Control Panel. Click on Advanced tab in the Power Options. Set Shut Down for the option When I press the sleep (power) button on my computer. Press Apply and OK.

Attention! Restart the computer via Start-Restart menu of the SM LookA icon SM LookA icon before using any option of Smart tab.

Note: do not use Smart tab options in case of any error messages after pressing POWER and SLEEP buttons! This means your PC hardware is incompatible with SM LookA! Uncheck all options in Smart tab, press OK and restart the computer!

Get more help on SM LookA >>>

7 ways to turn PC off
  way comments
1 desktop and quick launch icon Smart Turn Off Icon work mode should be assigned in Common Settings (F5)
2 SM Timer SM Timer icon launching by timer
3 SM LookA SM LookA icon icon menu right and left mouse click on the icon to call menu
4 POWER button and SLEEP button settings in Smart tab of SM LookA (doesn't work on Windows Vista©)
5 Combination keystroke (Hot Keys) settings in Hot Keys tab of SM LookA
6 PING IP settings in PING IP tab of SM LookA, should be used for multiple computer shutdown and for shutdown PC one by one
7 launching with a parameter, e.g.
...SmartTurnOff.exe /TurnOff
might be used for:
- setting a command line for programmable keys on cool keyboards like Logitech G11-G15 and the same
- settings launch program... in UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), laptops and notebooks, e.g. if Low Battery launch...
"C:\Program Files\Smart Turn Off\SmartTurnOff.exe /TurnOff"
- batch-files programming
- creating one click icon for PC Turn Off, etc.

Data recovery from BackUp

Note: suppose Windows© and Smart Turn Off work well and there is an access to a content of SmBackUp folder.

- start Smart Turn Off
- open Common Settings (F5)
- assign SmBackUp folder with BackUp as a folder for storing backups
- open BackUp Settings (F6)
- click right down button Copies/All Copies, all content of SmBackUp folder should be listed as All Copies:

Data recovery from BackUp

Any file and folder can be restored as well as all folders at ones using Restore and Restore All menus.
Note: in case the program is unable to define on what drive it should restore data it'll ask to choose a drive.

Now a little patience and here they are! All data is on its usual place like it was and all restored folders assigned for backup automatically.

Note: find the date of the last backup in SmartTurnOff.ini file under the section [BackUps].

Note: the folder for backups SmBackUp must be located on HDD, removable or network drive. If the folder is on CD, it should be copied to a drive first.


Program registration

Smart Turn Off is a shareware program. After 30 days of free use the software must be either uninstalled or registered.
Registration can be done in the Help tab (F1).